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Which is the number one reason that stops sites from finishing a clinical trial? (infographic)

There is one reliable way to minimize the complexity of the financial status of clinical trials and it is better management with appropriate tools. If you haven’t adopted a clinical trial management system (CTMS) yet, then you might be experiencing certain hindrances in your payment relationships. Chiefly, complicated payments in clinical trials are the result of hitherto prevailing usage of manual systems to manage payments.

4 reasons to stop using spreadsheets for trial data collection (Infographic)

Organizations, which still use spreadsheets for trial data collection, seem to increase the complexity behind the studies they conduct. Sadly, the intricacy of the advanced softwares created for data collection, makes many organizations still use spreadsheets. Nonetheless, there are various solutions emerging on the market, which can help resolve this problem.Clinical trial management systems (CTMS) are those innovative software...

CTMS is the solution for 5 common struggles that research sites face

CTMS, or clinical trial management system, works in favor of the optimization of clinical studies, since they grow more complex and varied. It is often that scientists and specialists involved in the process face many struggles due to the requirement to perform various tasks with less resources. What is more, it is important that the trial stays time- and cost-efficient. In...