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How to choose a clinical trial management system?

how to choose the right CTMS

Are you thinking about using a clinical trial management system for your trials? And are you wondering which one from the list of the most popular solutions you should choose? Then you are probably searching the Internet, reading about the different systems, and checking the pros and cons of each of the most used solutions. And perhaps you are in a deadlock or close to a deadlock because there are so many options and each solution has so many features, but you...

The Importance of EDC: How EDC can boost the success of the clinical trial

In our last blog post, we marked the importance of robust tools for electronic patient data capture for the success of decentralized trials. Now, we will dive deeper into the specifics of Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems and their benefits for clinical trials. What is EDC? With the use of EDC, researchers can collect, clean, transfer, and process clinical data electronically. Moreover, all collected data is...

Technological enablers for successful decentralized clinical trials

The global pandemic has changed so many things. To keep their operations, various businesses had to digitize more or less their business processes. The clinical research industry makes no difference. In the last two years, we have witnessed the accelerated rise of decentralized clinical trials. Hospital limits and lockdowns have forced the clinical research industry to adopt virtual or hybrid clinical trial models. Unlike traditional clinical trials, which are...

Clinicubes CTMS is now available in Microsoft AppSource Marketplace

Clinicubes is available in Microsoft AppSource

This week we have made it easier for organizations in the clinical research industry to access our Clinical Trial Management System. Clinicubes CTMS in now available on AppSource – Microsoft’s destination making it easier for hospitals and small/midsize organizations to find and benefit from this all-in-one solution with centralized reporting. Some of the key areas being addressed with Clinicubes CTMS are clinical trial budgets management, monitoring, patients visit reporting and real...

Virtual trials may be the key to increasing patient diversity


The diverse clinical trials participants are a key factor in fostering better health outcomes and improving care for a wide range of populations. According to a study in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics from 2014, the differences between participants often lead to a difference in the way different people respond to the same treatment. Characteristics like age, genetics, gender, weight, ethnic origin, even geographic location may influence how the treatment work or how safe it is. For...

The alternative approach to patients’ randomization

Patient Randomization

The demand for more randomized clinical trials increases continuously. Clinical researchers can control for bias in clinical trials with the help of randomization. It essentially eliminates the bias associated with treatment selection. Even if the concept of randomization looks simple, there are some very important issues related to balancing sample sizes and controlling the influence of covariates. Organizations often face challenges in achieving balanced randomization of patients through...

Technology trends that will shape healthcare and pharma industries in 2022 and beyond

Technology has helped healthcare and pharma organizations progress rapidly in the last 2 years. It has reshaped how we look at patient care and hospital management while inventing and innovating improved drugs and predicting the course of treatment based majorly on data analytics. From artificial intelligence (AI) to the Internet-of-Medical-Things (IoMT) and cloud computing to predictive analytics, technology is strengthening its positions providing increased...

Why participating in the INPST 2018 Science Communication Award contest?

INPST 2018 Science Communication Award

INPST 2018 Science Communication Award contest is happening now. Life-science participants are called to enter the contest until the end of 2018. The competition will award the best blog post based on life-science topic. All texts will be evaluated by experts in the field, based on the quality of the text, social media influence (i.e. how many shares or likes they will gather), and the number of attracted page views. A key requirement to the blog posts is writers to create a...

Biotech Influencer Series: Technology Trends, AI and Blockchain, thoughts by Dr. Atanas G. Atanasov

Biotech Influencer Series

This post is part of the Biotech Influencer series, created and published by The blog puts on display dedicated interviews with world's leading experts to get their take on the state of the biotech industry, the top trends to watch for, and what the future holds. We have the pleasure to re-publish the interview which, had with 

Digital Health or How Technologies Redefine Healthcare

Digital Health technology

Digital health technology is poised to redefine healthcare and clinical research. From wearable technologies, through cloud services and electronic data capture, to remote monitoring, the digitalization of healthcare has already begun. In many ways it revolutionizes the industry by replacing “stone-age tools” (like paper-based data capture) with much more consolidated contemporary systems (such as