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Why participating in the INPST 2018 Science Communication Award contest?

INPST 2018 Science Communication Award

INPST 2018 Science Communication Award contest is happening now. Life-science participants are called to enter the contest until the end of 2018. The competition will award the best blog post based on life-science topic. All texts will be evaluated by experts in the field, based on the quality of the text, social media influence (i.e. how many shares or likes they will gather), and the number of attracted page views. A key requirement to the blog posts is writers to create a...

Biotech Influencer Series: Technology Trends, AI and Blockchain, thoughts by Dr. Atanas G. Atanasov

Biotech Influencer Series

This post is part of the Biotech Influencer series, created and published by The blog puts on display dedicated interviews with world's leading experts to get their take on the state of the biotech industry, the top trends to watch for, and what the future holds. We have the pleasure to re-publish the interview which, had with 

Digital Health or How Technologies Redefine Healthcare

Digital Health technology

Digital health technology is poised to redefine healthcare and clinical research. From wearable technologies, through cloud services and electronic data capture, to remote monitoring, the digitalization of healthcare has already begun. In many ways it revolutionizes the industry by replacing “stone-age tools” (like paper-based data capture) with much more consolidated contemporary systems (such as 

Improving Patient Recruitment with Technology in Clinical Research

Clinical Research: Improving patient recruitment with clinical trial management systems

Clinical Research and IT. Yes, these two used be quite unrelated decades ago. However, neither doctors nor researchers can imagine the field of life science progressing any further without the help of technology. There are plenty of things that connect the two sectors. Currently, one of the main reasons why clinical study professionals look forward to the integration of software solutions is because they want to simplify as many complexities as possible. One such is patient recruitment. Study...

CTMS Market 2018-2023: A Forecast of a Global Trend

CTMS Market until 2023

CTMS Market was worth $554.7 million US Dollars in 2016 and according to the Stratistics MRC, it is expected to reach $1,257.2 million by 2023. The significant growth of CAGR of 12.4% from 2016 to 2023 is based on a profound research and development activities in clinical and life science industries. In addition, not only is the prevalence of socially important diseases increasing, but also is the outsourcing of clinical trial processes. It seems that these couple of factors are majorly...

Technology Meets Clinical Trials: Is This a Chance for a Paperless Future?

Technology Meets Clinical Trials in CTMS

Technology is conquering industry after industry. There are plenty of examples which signify the overwhelming power of the technologically-progressing world. The power which urges multiple ecosystems to absorb and either entirely or partially to adapt to this modernized archetype. It is no surprise that because of this technical evolution, or revolution, business paradigms are shifting in a dramatic pace. Inevitably, then, social media, the Internet, consumers’ hyper- and even...

Top Clinical Research Software Events: What’s on the Next 12 Months?

Clinical Research Software events

Are you an IT service provider, business leader, or you’re in the field of research? Are you searching for top clinical research software events to attend in 2018? Browsing the internet and looking to find the best one such conference could be a time-consuming task. That’s why we have created an events guide, listing the most beneficial healthcare software events around the world. They bring together inventors, innovators, creatives, influencers, newcomers, and some of the best minds in life...

Mediterranean Diet and How It Really Affects Health

Mediterranean diet: study confirms health benefits

Mediterranean diet has been thoroughly discussed in the newest clinical trial lead by Dr. Antoni Sureda, one of the Directors of INPST. The study shows the significance of the diet and how it affects health. Precisely, the new publication highlights that the adherence to this type of eating habit is linked to a good profile of low plasmatic...

Financial Management of Clinical Trials with Clinicubes CTMS

Financial Management with Clinicubes CTMS

Financial management of clinical trials is key for the success of every site or organization that conducts research. But if you are still using spreadsheets to track your budget, you might be wasting more money, because you spend a lot of time in gathering the data needed for the processes of budgeting, sponsor invoicing, and payments. Since every protocol is...

Latest Clinical Research Confirms Health Benefits of Pecan Nuts

Latest clinical research confirms healthy bioeffects of pecan nuts.

Latest clinical research news highlights that there are major health benefits of the bioeffects of pecan nuts. Not only this, but their constituents are also huge source of excellent dietary ingredients. The health-promoting effects have been finally confirmed by a joint group of scientists, who have gather together to summarize the reports examining the physiological effects of pecan nuts dietary intake. They also aimed at describing the positive health...