Clinicubes offers the combination of an impressive array of functionalities and easiness of use, which allows users to not only plan but also shape successful research results

About Clinicubes CTMS

Clinicubes is a centralized software, which provides an efficient way of creating one ecosystem that brings everyone together and also simplifies complexity behind every clinical trial project

Clinicubes is a specialized software product developed by BGO Software. It aims to facilitate the way professionals conduct the whole project lifecycle in clinical research. Being a clinical trial management system (CTMS), it delivers number of advantages in the form of integrated solutions, which provide aid in every aspect of the clinical research process. Clinicubes makes easier many complex processes like various planning, performing and reporting tasks.

It entirely meets the needs of clinical trial organizations to collect and archive patient or scientific data. The CTMS can be utilized for scheduling visitations, tracking deadlines, managing budget, and monitoring the entire progress. In addition, Clinicubes saves time by minimizing the implementation time for various procedures. It also decreases the additional costs and ensures there is ultimate customer experience.

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Clinicubes CTMS

With comprehensive portfolio of software products, we revolutionize the way pharmaceutical & research organizations manage the dynamics & practices of their own business: from planning, through conducting, to completing a variety of clinical trial projects.

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