Clinicubes product features

The CTMS that offers numerous benefits and integrated solutions for every aspect and phase of the clinical studies

Site Tracking
24/7 Support

Clinical Trials Management

Effective management of clinical trials

  • Instant preview of timetables, financial information, objectives
  • Quick monitoring of study details
  • Management of procedures and activities
  • Overview of study budget and financial forecasting
  • Management and tracking of trial information

Site Tracking & Management

Enables reliable control over sites and subject database

  • Site management and regulatory process tracking
  • Subjects database and study enrollment tracking

Physician’s & Health Service Institutions Database

Drives clinical trial performance in a smooth way

  • Physician’s and health service institutions database systemization
  • Collection and analysis of the studies from different locations
  • Communication of study performance data trough interactive dashboards

Project Tracking & Collaboration Tools

Enhances communication and brings about excellence in the working processes

  • Easy collection and tracking of various documents
  • Actual and projected financial information on the dashboard
  • Effective reporting
  • Scheduling tools and associated calendar


Adaptable randomization for all types of
randomized clinical trials

  • Various randomization methods, adaptable to different scenarios and population sample size
  • Covariate adaptive randomization model independent
    of the expected number of subjects
  • Setup and guidance by experienced statisticians

Integration & Support

Shapes results and unifies all research technologies used

  • Integration with most popular clinical research applications
  • Migration and import of data collected with legacy tools
  • Superior 24/7 support and ad hoc training