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CTMS Demonstration: Tips to Successful System Evaluation

CTMS Demonstration: Best Practices When Evaluating Live Demos of Clinical Trial Management Systems

CTMS demonstration is a necessary step that an organization needs to do, when selecting the best product. Clinical research technologies are useful tools when it comes to organizing, storing and managing the entire information that is included in the trial. However, the first steps towards selecting a new system are always filled with uncertainty and concern about choosing the best software for the organization. Therefore, one of the important and most effective steps to undertake is the...

Investing in a CTMS: 3 Advantageous Reasons for Small Pipeline

Investing in a CTMS: Three Reasons to Start While Your Study Pipeline is Small

Investing in a CTMS would be a good idea before your study pipeline is full. Purchasing a clinical trial management system at a later time might be a drawback for the success of the research site due to several reasons. There are at least three main benefits of integrating this type of software, while having smaller number of studies. Justifying the costs  Small- or mid-sized research sites, might not feel the necessity of using a CTMS. However, having enough studies to...

Cloud-Based CTMS: Is the Successful Implementation Really a Myth?

Cloud-Based CTMS: Is Effective Implementation a Myth?

Cloud-based CTMS is the greatest trend in the clinical research softwares at the moment. However, selecting the proper CTMS (clinical trial management system) that fits your organization’s processes and needs might not be only overwhelming but also not an easy task. There are many factors that you should consider when selecting the best system and the right vendor to streamline your operations, and they begin from the functionalities of the system and its user-friendliness. If you are in the...

5 questions you need to ask prior making new CTMS selection

CTMS selection and vendors switching process

CTMS selection is a very complex process, which requires a lot of attention and engagement of variety of specialists. It is one of the toughest things to do, but after you end up with the appropriate software, you never go back. However, there is always a chance that the chosen clinical trial management system is not right for you. It may not have the entire list of functionalities you need. Or maybe you have selected a software, which has more than you can adopt and is being...

Clinical research organizations with CTMS vs without CTMS: Five Major Differences

CTMS utilization: with or without for the clinical research organizations?

Clinical research organizations (CROs) are very important factor in clinical research, as they save sponsors a lot of the cost by conducting their trials. The role of the CRO is to make sure that the completion of the clinical trial is successful. The expensive cost of trials, the inefficient organization and management, many phases and regulations, may be a setback to the entire process. What is more, the sponsors need effective ways to control clinical research...

CTMS Implementation Success: Top Five Steps to Keep You On Track

CTMS Implementation Plan Success Tips

CTMS implementation success might seem not that easy, especially when utilizing this kind of software for the first time. In this case it is important to have a very well sketched plan that will help you with the initial steps to get everything in place. The beginning is the toughest part and this is the reason why we share with you some ideas that you might find helpful. Step 1: Involve the Team...

Top 6 Challenges in Clinical Trial Management

Top greatest challenges that are currently met in the clinical trial management

Clinical trial management is complex due to the inclusion of multiple factors that need to be met by any team. Even more concerning is that these factors “behave” rather unpredictable, thus influencing the processes involved in the clinical research. The negative effect is the prolonged time-span and the delayed market introduction of new drug formulas. As a result, pharma companies seek new ways of reducing the “time-to-market” phenomenon, generally be improving the clinical trial...

CTMS Implementation: Where to Start and How to Prepare?

CTMS Implementation: How to achieve full success of the system at any research site?

Clinical trial management systems have a growing popularity. This type of software is the perfect solution for streamlining trial operations at any clinical research site. But before taking the decision of integrating such system, one should consider multiple factors that will make sure that they have chosen the perfect CTMS that is best suitable for their site’s needs....

Top 3 boosting mechanisms to get you integrate CTMS effortlessly

CTMS integration made successful

Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) are the newest and most innovative software solutions that could be integrated successfully in pharmaceutical and medical research. In fact, those organizations which have implemented such system, say that they cannot imagine how they have managed before having it. Market investigators say that in 10 years almost every trial-related company will implement a CTMS. The reason for this is attributed to the

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. How to get involved and show your support?

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Know the symptoms and risk factors !

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and Clinicubes is getting involved in putting more focus on the problem. The importance of the topic is brought about by the fact that this type of neoplasm is the second highest cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. alone. Nevertheless, it is not as widely talked about as other forms of cancer, and more than 50,000 people annually will die from the avoidable disease. The aim of the Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month is to...