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5 questions you need to ask prior making new CTMS selection

CTMS selection and vendors switching process

CTMS selection is a very complex process, which requires a lot of attention and engagement of variety of specialists. It is one of the toughest things to do, but after you end up with the appropriate software, you never go back. However, there is always a chance that the chosen clinical trial management system is not right for you. It may not have the entire list of functionalities you need. Or maybe you have selected a software, which has more than you can adopt and is being under-utilized. The complexity behind such systems also includes spending too much time to get to know them. Some of them are even so hard to use that the staff members end up never adopting them entirely. The vendor might also be not quite responsive and does not contribute for a healthy business relationship. Establishing one is also important for the success of your site. In spite of the reason behind your dissatisfaction, you eventually end up with a CTMS that is not the best one for your organization.

Which are the questions that will alert you to start looking for new CTMS vendor? Here is our insight:

  1. Are you really using the system?

Correct. You may have bought a system, but you aren’t ready for one. Hence, you are not really using it. Or you may not be fully integrating the current system to your workflows. In this case, after the CTMS selection you might have been left with the “good idea” to have extra features. Or even the vendor may have insisted in the benefits that the features will deliver to your work and you were led to this end. Consider which are the components of it that you just don’t utilize. Because, you don’t have to pay for something that you aren’t using.

On the other hand, you may not use the system if it is intricate and complicated. Is your current CTMS hard to use? In this regard, do you avoid entering data into it, because of its complexity?  If you have positively answered to both of the questions, then you need to make a new CTMS selection based on user-friendliness and ease of use. Complexity and unnecessary features are the two major factors that will also push your team away from using the CTMS.

Evaluate the needs of your site, consult with your current vendor how you can make things better, and if it is not working for both sides – start consulting with different CTMS vendor who can offer the most appropriate features for you and your staff members.

  1. Do you receive the support you need?

CTMS vendors offer different type of support: depending on the business hours they work or even 24/7 support. This is a vital point when negotiating with the solution provider, because it implies proper implementation and adoption of the software. Not having the assistance you need, may lead to decreasing the advantages that the software can offer. It is also essential to have support during the integration processes, first implementation and initial adoption trainings. During the adoption of the system, many questions and concerns may arise. There isn’t anyone better than the vendor that can deliver the correct answers.

In case you don’t meet the support you need, then it is time to think about a new CTMS selection. After all, the improper utilization of the current system you are using, will lead to delayed progress, bad time management and financial loss.

  1. Do you have the access you need?

Can you view the reports you need? The information put in the CTMS, without a doubt should be easily accessible. Reporting, exporting and sharing data should also happen fast and shouldn’t be restricted to those who need the functions. Basically, reports are important so that they can provide visibility of clinical trial’s status, activities, operations. You may also want to make your custom reports. If you aren’t able to do all that has been mentioned, then you should start looking for a new management system that will serve better than the current one.

  1. How many protocols can you enter?

Depending on the pricing model of the CTMS vendor, you may end up with unlimited or limited protocols. Of course, based on your specific needs, you might have chosen the latter. However, given that the pharmaceutical industry is expanding rapidly, your growth may happen faster than you have thought. And eventually, you may end up with limited number of protocols that can be entered in the system. What is more, protocol-based pricing sometimes also demands to end a study before starting a new one. What you should do is to consider the pros and cons of the selected pricing model that are specific to your company’s needs. Then you might end up in a search of a new, more cost-efficient CTMS.

  1. Why you should consider switching to a new CTMS?

If you can relate to one ore even more of the questions, then the necessity of considering a new CTMS selection may be imminent. Choose a new software that will suit your projects’ needs better and will answer the aforementioned questions in a direction that is beneficial for you.

At last, if you are really looking to adopt an entirely new system or are searching one for first implementation, then you may also contact us. Our clinical trial management system, Clinicubes, offers integrated solutions for every single aspect and phase of clinical research. In its core, the software is systematized, well-built and easy-to-use. Clinicubes delivers easier way of collecting, retaining and archiving patient and scientific data. Clinical research professionals can also track deadlines, schedule visitations and monitor treatment progress. The system increases the productivity of the clinical research sites and the number of successfully completed trials. It also streamlines the entire clinical trial process, making the CTMS implementation success an easily attainable goal.

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