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CTMS Demonstration: Tips to Successful System Evaluation

CTMS Demonstration: Best Practices When Evaluating Live Demos of Clinical Trial Management Systems

CTMS demonstration is a necessary step that an organization needs to do, when selecting the best product. Clinical research technologies are useful tools when it comes to organizing, storing and managing the entire information that is included in the trial. However, the first steps towards selecting a new system are always filled with uncertainty and concern about choosing the best software for the organization.

Therefore, one of the important and most effective steps to undertake is the live demonstration of the system. It will clear out, whether the CTMS will meet all of the organization’s needs. A drawback here is that there will be a lot of time spent to preview different demos and to evaluate various capabilities of the system. To make the process less painful and time consuming, we suggest several hints that might be helpful in getting more during the system review.

Make a list of questions

Prior the CTMS demonstration you should make a list of questions that need to be answered. The list will also guide towards what’s important for the research team and the trial. In addition, the live demos are always an opportunity to share your thoughts and concerns with the presenter, ask about the product and get more details about the company that has developed it.

Asking what’s important for the organization, will help the presenter focus on specific sections of the product and sort out anything that might initially look confusing. In other words, it is a win-win situation. Live demos usually last around an hour so keep the list straightforward to distract from less meaningful topics.

Assessing the system

The list will also help in assessing the system based on criteria important to your organization. During the CTMS demonstration, next to the list of questions, it is equally important to take notes so that the system could get a good evaluation and highlight on important criteria.

The CTMS that is reviewed might have a lot of features and functionalities, however – some might not be essential to your organization’s needs or might be valuable at a later stage. The list of question will also help in determining which are the vital functions that the trial could not go without and how the CTMS will be beneficial for the specific workflows.

Develop a grading system

There’s a lot of work prior the demo that needs to be done. Based on the previous two tips, the person responsible for the CTMS demonstration might also want to create a grading system. It will help them evaluate the criteria that are significant for your organization’s clinical research and at a later time compare different vendors’ systems, based on the essential criteria.

It has to be mentioned that every different CTMS might suggest various ways of accomplishing the same outcome. Hence, an open mind towards how each system approaches different functions is vital for the future efficiency of the workflows.

Gather the team

At the CTMS demonstration it is good idea to include the entire team that will be working with the system. They should be included in the process of selection, too. Different opinions are always a valuable tool that can deliver different perspectives on how the CTMS might work.

Get a test account

At the end of the CTMS demonstration, ask the vendor to provide a test account that will allow the team members to try-out the system. This is most certainly the best way to make a personal impression, whether the CTMS will entirely suit your organization’s needs and will improve the workflows. Nevertheless, note that most of the vendors are very protective about their systems and often require confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement that has to be signed prior test account delivery.

At last, if you are looking to invest in a CTMS, our clinical trial management system is the right solution for you. The system increases the productivity of the clinical research sites and the number of successfully completed trials. It also streamlines the entire clinical trial process, making the CTMS implementation an easily attainable goal. We will provide you with substantial live Clinicubes CTMS demonstration, where we can discuss the entire list of questions that you have. Get in touch and take advantage of what our clinical trial management system offers.

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