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CTMS Implementation: Where to Start and How to Prepare?

CTMS Implementation: How to achieve full success of the system at any research site?

Clinical trial management systems have a growing popularity. This type of software is the perfect solution for streamlining trial operations at any clinical research site. But before taking the decision of integrating such system, one should consider multiple factors that will make sure that they have chosen the perfect CTMS that is best suitable for their site’s needs. Where to start?

CTMS integration: what to do

Ease of use

The first two qualities include the user-friendliness of the system and the functionalities that are featured in it. Many of the CTMS solutions offered on the market are too complicated and need additional time resources and costs that have to be foreseen for staff’s training. A system with very user-friendly interface, simple access and features that are entirely suitable for company’s needs will streamline the clinical trial processes almost without effort and in no time.

Time & Effort

However, it is still important to estimate the time, trainings, costs and efforts the team will need to make to integrate an entirely new CTMS, and most importantly – to get it running. What one needs to do is to make a list with steps, that they will follow during the implementation of the new software and to setup a deadline. Then follow the steps one by one to meet the end date.

This is how, one could save on time, efforts and additional unexpected costs when implementing CTMS for the first time.


Another very clever step to take in mind is to choose a system, which can be customized over time. This means that the company using the software will add the features that are needed in its current phase of development. In other words: the wisest step is to pick a system, which is will grow as the organization grows. Look for a system, which supports all of the current processes.


Furthermore, it is good to focus on the core functionalities of the CTMS in the beginning, because they will be utilized in the current processes. As a priority, one should choose areas of the trial process, where there need immediate management attention and optimization. This will help in the determination whether the work processes need certain functionalities of the CTMS and more importantly – which to be implemented first.


In addition, full-system implementation requires considerable resources, while long-term goal setting is can happen if the system allows development as the company grows. Smaller steps make big leaps.

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