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Top 3 boosting mechanisms to get you integrate CTMS effortlessly

CTMS integration made successful

Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) are the newest and most innovative software solutions that could be integrated successfully in pharmaceutical and medical research. In fact, those organizations which have implemented such system, say that they cannot imagine how they have managed before having it. Market investigators say that in 10 years almost every trial-related company will implement a CTMS. The reason for this is attributed to the financial savings and better time-management that the software delivers. But these tools also have abundant variety of advantages that the will make any clinical research specialist happy.

Speaking about advantages, here is a list of some that have been pointed as valuable by teams utilizing CTMS:

  • Better organization of the workflow
  • Contemporary operational capabilities
  • Clearer communication plan
  • Clearer action plan
  • Better organization of individual or group tasks
  • Setting up timetables and tracking deadlines easier
  • Having real-time visibility
  • Generating reports very fast
  • Tracking and comparing actual and projected costs

But before your organization can achieve all of the mentioned benefits, the CTMS should be first successfully integrated. Changes are often perceived as hard by many, and especially when it comes to replacing the old habitual practices with new ones. This is the reason why the clinical trial management system might be experienced initially as something very complicated. Especially, if it is integrated in an instant. To get the maximum of the system, before implementing it, the person responsible for its integration could make the so called “adoption strategy”. The latter should not only serve as an informational process, but should also get the entire team involved. It will help them start using the new software as well as make them more comfortable when handling it for the first time.

CTMS - integrating new software

The strategy includes the following three boosting mechanisms: 

  1. Speak about the benefits

It is of crucial importance to highlight the benefits of the clinical trial management system that you are going to be using. For instance, you might want to explain to your team that they will handle the workload faster and more efficiently with the help of the software. You might also want to outline the features and characteristics of the software that will put the company ahead of competitors, or make a general comparison between working with and without such system. It is valuable to mention that CTMS triggers quicker and easier communication, too.

  1. Make sure you know your team’s opinion

Asking what people think about the innovations in their work is not to underestimate. Make sure you understand their concerns about the challenges they are imagining to face. Your attention would not only make them feel more comfortable, but will also let you know what to expect.

  1. Recognize their efforts and achievements

Once the CTMS is incorporated, make sure to acknowledge your team’s efforts and to celebrate every step of the progress they are making. These actions will encourage them to work more with the new software. Then your team will be ready to work with even more complicated CTMS tasks.

And if you are looking for a clinical trial management system to integrate into your work, why not trying Clinicubes CTMS.  It is effective and lightweight, and offers integrated solutions for every single aspect and phase of clinical studies. In its core, the CTMS is systematized, well-built and easy-to-use. Clinicubes delivers easier way for collecting, retaining and archiving patient and scientific data. Clinical research conductors can also track deadlines, schedule visitations and monitor treatment progress. The system increases the productivity of the clinical research site and the number of successfully completed trials. 

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