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Beginners’ guide to CTMS for hospitals – part 2

Our previous article marked some of the benefits that hospitals can take advantage of by using a clinical trial management system to manage clinical trial processes. Today we will continue reviewing the advantages that Clinicube CTMS provides to its users.

Data security

When it comes to clinical information, the security of data is a top priority. A primary advantage of digital systems is that usually are set for providing different levels of access for different user roles. Commonly, people external to the organization, such as site coordinators, need to have access to the CTMS. So, it is important to have the option to provide them with the access needed to do their job, but without granting them access to confidential information. With Clinicubes, you can easily overcome this challenge by setting roles with limited access rights and thus ensure external stakeholders don’t have access to confidential information, like study finances for example. Moreover, this functionality is also very important when it comes to regulatory compliance. 

Physician’s & health service institutions database

Clinicube’s contact module stores and systemizes comprehensive information for individuals and organizations. You can easily assign roles or track history of each physician. The system allows attaching an unlimited number of documents like contracts, CVs or certificates to each contact. This way, you have all the needed information for each physician, stakeholder or partner, systemised on one centralized dashboard.

Equipment management module

Another useful feature of the system is that it allows keeping an equipment database. You can easily track the status of each piece of equipment, check availability and assign it to a certain study or department. In addition, Clinicubes makes it easy to track deadlines like certificate renovation due date or warranty equipment maintenance. You can also set email notifications for upcoming deadlines and thus avoiding missing an important renewal or critical equipment check-up.

Flexible visit scheduling and detailed budget details

Each clinical trial protocol is more or less different and it comes with its specifics. A comprehensive CTMS like Clinicubes adapt easily to the specifics of each clinical trial and makes it easy for the study staff to schedule all needed patient visits. For example, visits can be set for scheduling on a certain day, week or month, according to the protocol requirements. Then once a patient is been enrolled for the trial, Clinicubes will automatically schedule all needed visits and treatment for this patient. In addition, you will have detailed information about the finances of each visit, presented in a report view that best suits your organization’s needs.

Advanced planning tools

Last but not least, precise planning is crucial to every clinical trial. With Clinicubes CTMS you can schedule different types of tasks that need to be completed and then track their progress. Its flexible capabilities allow you to connect one task to another and thus build workflows which will take the trial staff through the study processes smoothly and without missing important steps. Moreover, you can set different notifications like announcing that a new task is entered into the system or a task has been completed. This could be very useful when you have several interdependent tasks, that different people need to complete and they need to track the completion of one task to start with the other.

CTMS for hospitals

The advantages of Clinicubes CTMS don’t stop here. This comprehensive CTMS provides various benefits and integrated solutions for every aspect and phase of the clinical studies. It is highly focused on budgeting, finance tracking, and reporting and ensures effective end-to-end clinical trial management for hospitals, site management organizations, and small CROs. The system accommodates the needs of research organizations to collect, retain, document, and store scientific and patient data. Furthermore, it tracks deadlines, schedules visitations as well as monitors the whole progress resulting in better control of all activities, better team collaboration, and up-to-date access to all required data. 

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