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5 Benefits of Automated Clinical Trial Process

Clinical trial automation

50% of the clinical trials lack behind the time planned by 6 months. And it’s not about time only. The extra time means more money and invested human resources, as 40% of the total clinical trial spending is generated within the R&D phase. The trials are getting more complex, and the costs are rising tremendously. So the old fashion manual approach with forms created by hand and data entered into spreadsheets manually does not apply to the new reality. The automated CTMS can be engaged in all the activities during the clinical trial process – from scheduling the visitations, to tracking deadlines, managing the budget, and monitoring the entire progress. So, automation of the process is already a must if you want to be competitive and guarantee the success of your project. Here you can find five benefits of process automation versus manual clinical trial management.

Human errors free

As you know, the human factor lies behind most project failures. And we are not talking only about the errors that every human can make. The results of the trials can depend on things like badly designed trial forms, for example. If the trial forms are not designed with the necessary accuracy this could lead to insufficient data collected. And, as you know, the insufficient data collected can be the pothole that will spoil the trial. So minimising human interference is essential for eliminating errors and ensuring trial accuracy.

Facilitating the process

The clinical trial process is very complex. The medicine is getting more and more precise year by year which means that more additional information is needed to be collected for the trial process. In addition, it is very difficult to manage all the financial information and monitor the financial flows by hand. So it is crucial to use an automated system.

Medical workers analyzing electronic record

Just on time

The activities of the trial process are very time-consuming when done manually. So, as a result of the process facilitation, the time for the whole phase could be dramatically minimised, and you can guarantee full compliance with the project schedule and timeline.

Minimising the costs

Executing the trial on time means fewer overheads. In addition, the automated workflow reduces the need for human resources, which again means fewer financial investments.

Better teamwork

The automated systems allow the team members to work closely on one task without the fear that they will lose information or that they will work on an old version of the task.

Clinicubes is an automated clinical trial management system that can cope with all the problems and risks mentioned above. It saves time by minimising the time for various procedures implementation. It also decreases the additional costs and ensures an ultimate customer experience. Get in touch with us if you want to learn the benefits of the automated CTMS in detail and see all the features of Clinicubes in action.