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CTMS is the solution for 5 common struggles that research sites face

CTMS is the Solution

CTMS, or clinical trial management system, works in favor of the optimization of clinical studies, since they grow more complex and varied. It is often that scientists and specialists involved in the process face many struggles due to the requirement to perform various tasks with less resources. What is more, it is important that the trial stays time- and cost-efficient.

In other words, to operate sites in a contemporary fashion and with the goal to achieve peak performance, one must use a valuable tool, which makes everything easier. It isn’t therefore surprising that the most effective device to utilize is the CTMS.

The innovative clinical trial management systems have already shown to be very effective when it comes to improving the site and its processes. Such softwares can help one optimize finances, manage correctly protocols and induce the efficiency of the work-process.

Here are five common problems that CTMS solves

  • Generating reports

Generating reports without an effective reporting system is a hindrance. Given that the study happens in time constrains, it is crucial to have operative software where all this can happen fast and with least effort.  The CTMS can help with subject’s enrollment and visits, financial matters and all activities that need to be entered in timelines. Another advantage is that the sponsor has a thorough insight of the site and the associated clinical trials.

  • Housing all documents in one centralized place

One of the most important problems that a clinical trial management system solves is that it stores all documents in one place. This makes it easier for everyone to find the needed papers and access them at all times. In turn, the benefit is faster processing of data. 

  • Calculating trial costs

Financial success depends on the details and strict management of the essential activities of the site. Before accepting any study, one must negotiate with the sponsor on particular amount of money. This is essential for the successful completion of the trial. Calculating the true trial costs is challenging, but via the CTMS all financial needs are visible. A great clinical trial management system can help in avoiding all inaccuracies and calculating the exact trial costs.

  • Management of reimbursements and payments

Since the CTMS is a centralized system, it houses the entire study information and gives access to it to all units and departments. The result is more timely and accurate payments and reimbursements, because the information is already available. 

  • Management of cumbersome data

Clinical trials are always associated with a pile of data, which has to be stored in the form of various types of documents. The problems associated with the workload of information include loss of significant data, delay in study-related tasks and most importantly – loss of reimbursements due to hindrances in tracking the trail-processes. The CTMS can solve that, too.

A great and adaptive CTMS, like Clinicubes, is the perfect solution for these issues. First and foremost, the system tracks all tasks and allows timely management of budgets. In addition, it is the ideal tool, which helps in storing the entire documentation in one centralized location. It makes complex processes simpler.  It offers various types of useful special features that help companies manage and conduct every aspect of the clinical trial and also increase the productivity at the clinical research site.

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