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Launching Clinicubes: the best clinical trial management system

Clinicubes - Designed to Simplify Complexity

Clinical trial management systems (CTMS) and the industry they are part of have changed drastically. The world they govern will never be the same as they are constantly evolving. Because of the fast-developing research industry, the processes behind any clinical trial become more and more complex. In order to facilitate the whole management of studies and the way specialists conduct their research, BGO Software developed Clinicubes CTMS. Our robust clinical trial management software meets the requirements and expectations of industry leaders and offers them a new and more effective way to improve all research projects from start to finish.

What are the benefits of Clinicubes?

As an effective and lightweight clinical trial management system, Clinicubes offers integrated solutions for every single aspect and phase of clinical studies. In its core, the CTMS is systematized, well-built and easy-to-use. The product aims to reduce complexity behind various planning, performing and reporting tasks. Clinicubes provides with an easier way for collecting, retaining and archiving patient and scientific data. Professionals can also track deadlines, schedule visitations and monitor treatment progress. In addition to this, BGO Software’s CTMS helps professionals minimize unnecessary expenses and development time of different processes, while simultaneously guaranteeing great user experience. There are firm techniques for evaluation and standardization as well. As a centralized system, it is developed with the idea to deliver one unified ecosystem that allows clinical trial professionals to take care of every single research process faster than before.

When it comes to financial matters, the entire information, invoices and various types of documents, approvals and payments are all centralized in a single location, providing easier access and quicker completion of tasks. However, what really makes Clinicubes unique is the fact that clients don’t have to change anything about the way their organization conduct clinical trials.

What does Clinicubes offer?

Clinicubes arrives with optimized features which promise effective and successful management of the whole research project.  Therefore, Clinicubes CTMS enables clients to:

  • Overview clinical trials objectives, timetables, phases
  • Manage study events and activities
  • Milestone tracking
  • Track key information related with the protocol requirements, frequency monitoring, and collection of care report forms (CRFs)
  • Easily prepare study contracts, carry out financial forecasting, do budgeting quickly, send and receive invoices, ensure billing complaints, track study costs, set up secure payments and keep them in check

In terms of site management, Clinicubes also simplifies recruitment processes. And in order to further build quality and productivity, BGO Software’s clinical trial management system can:

  • Facilitate site identification and recruitment
  • Enable research professionals to monitor sites and regulatory processes
  • Provide full control and tracking over subject enrollment and subjects’ database

Furthermore, in attempt to drive clinical trial performance in a very smooth way, our CTMS recognizes the needs of physicians and health service institutions. Thus, the system allows experts to:

  • Aggregate, systematize and reorganize physicians and healthcare service institutions database
  • Collect, evaluate and analyze data from multiple studies and different locations on a single report
  • Communicate study performance data and other operational reports trough interactive dashboards
  • Provide with reporting options of how the trial is being carried out against pre-set criteria and targets

There are also project tracking and collaboration tools for better clinical trial implementation such as:

  • Project documents collection and tracking
  • Dynamic dashboards with key metrics
  • Alerts and reporting
  • Calendar scheduling features
  • Scheduled email reports

Last but not least, the adaptive and absolutely customizable system delivers great integration and support functionalities which include:

  • Unification of all of the research technologies used
  • Integration with most popular clinical research applications
  • Migration and import of data collected with legacy tools
  • Support and training

Clinicubes: the ultimate solution

Because of the fast-developing clinical trial industry and the continuous growth of the market, having optimized technological solutions, such as Clinicubes, becomes key to success. It is designed to simplify any study related task and phase and helps professionals conduct every step of their research in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.

Our comprehensive clinical trial management system is suitable for various institutions: Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies, CROs and SMOs, AMCs, cancer centers, hospitals conducting researches, independent research sites and many others. And since the software is entirely customizable, clients do not have to change anything. Our CTMS can be adjusted to their needs instead.

Become our partner

At this stage, we are looking for partners, who can try out our innovative product for a limited time. We will customize it in a way that fits your organization’s specific business goals. Trust us with your clinical study projects and let Clinicubes CTMS facilitate your clinical trial management. Get in touch and take advantage of what our clinical trial management system offers.

You can find a PDF version of this article here: Launching Clinicubes